Mosaic (by Mixbook) Photo Book – Review

About the company:
Mosaic is owned by Mixbook (read more about Mixbook in my other review). Mosaic was created to make photo book editing extremely easy and fast for smartphone users. The photo book editor is accessible only via apple or android based devices. The process is indeed as easy as it gets, but of course, it has its own limitations.mosaic - 1

My Book Other Options
Cover Linen with mosaic window n/a
Paper Silk (between 100-150, not stated) n/a
Max Pages 20 20
Binding Perfect Bound n/a
Printing Digital n/a
Size 7×7″ n/a
Presentation Box Yes n/a


  1. Cover: Sturdy, linen hardcover with the mosaic window featuring some of your photos from the book. This is the only option. Seems high quality and feels nice. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Binding: It’s perfect bound, and the first and last pages are stuck to the inside of the cover. It looks good and opens nicely, however, the connection to the cover doesn’t look like it’s going to last centuries. It could have been done in a more elegant way. mosaic - 7
  3. Pages/Paper: You can only have 20 pages, no less and no more. The paper is actually a really nice, standard thickness (roughly 140gsm), silky stock. It must have a really good coating since the ink absorbs really well. There are no other paper options. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: It’s digital, so the digital/press “texture” is visible, but just as much as with any other digitally pressed book. The colour reproduction is excellent, I was very happy with the dynamic range and colour accuracy! Sharp image quality too.

5. Software:
This where easy is compromised by silly. So you need to download the app from the apple store or google play store. The app is very basic, no settings or options. You select 20 photos, 1 photo per page. You can decide on the order, then it will give you a preview and 3 more options. You can shuffle the pics around for the cover window, you can select a black or white background for the pages (not for individual pages, but the whole book) and whether you want to add any title to the first page. No spine text. No picture editing. No layouts. No inside text or objects. No other background colours.
So, to sum up, it’s possible to create a book in less than a minute, which is amazing if you want something quick, but it’s not practical if you want something personal or customised for the lack of options.
They promise delivery within 4 day. Mine arrived within 4 days, so it’s extremely quick.

I saw a 25% and 50% discount on Facebook. I assume they come back fairly often.

What it is for:
Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, holiday pics, babies, families or anything not requiring lots of time and money.

What it is not for:
Definitely not for weddings, not for travel books, not for scrapbooking and not for portfolios because of the extremely limited options. As always, this is just my opinion, feel free to use the book for any pics you want.


  • good print quality
  • amazing packaging
  • nice cover
  • extremely fast and easy editing
  • fast delivery


  • limited options for editing
  • no options for size, cover, paper or page number
  • binding could be a bit more secure


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