Blurb Photo Book – Review

About the company:
Blurb Inc. is an American company with several subsidiaries worldwide. Their primary focus is on self-publishing. You can create your own books; cook books, travel books, novels or photo books and sell them on their website marketplace. For this reason the photo book features are relatively basic compared to other big photo book companies. Despite the simplicity, they are great books at amazing prices. To read bout the Blurb Lay Flat books, click here.


My Book Other Options
Cover Hardcover Linen with Glossy Dust Jacket
Matt Imagewrap Hardcover
Paper Pro Line Pearl 190gsm
Standard 118gsm
Lustre 148gsm
Matt 148gsm
Uncoated 148gsm
Printing Digital n/a
Binding Perfect Bound  
Min/Max Pages 20 440 – Standard/Lustre/Matt
220 – Uncoated/Pro Line
Size 18x18cm 20×25, 30×30, 33×28 (cm)
Presentation Box no n/a
Full Price (20pages)


  1. Binding: Non lay flat, perfect bound. It’s a shame they don’t offer any lay flat option, but the binding is actually pretty good and sturdy. It pages really nicely and the main book is professionally attached to the cover. Library standard. Will last long! (Update Nov 2017, they just launched the new lay flat books, read about them in my newest review)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover: Mine is a glossy imagewrap hardcover with dust jacket. Very good quality, both the paper and the print. It doesn’t come in matt, and the cover under the dust jacket is black linen without any text on it. The other options are imagewrap hardcover without the dust jacket or softcover. You can have some text and photos on the inlays of the dust jacket, and the usual text on the spine too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Paper: 5 options to choose from: Standard, Lustre, Matt, Uncoated and Pro Line Pearl. The Pro Line Pearl is the most expensive and you can only have 220 pages as opposed to 440 with the thinner papers. It has a lovely “sand” texture with the right amount of gloss. Love it. The lustre is almost the same as the Pro line pearl but thinner. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: Digital printing. It’s a bit more obvious than in other digitally pressed photo books. The greens and blues were a tiny bit strange, but otherwise good colour reproduction.

You have three options:
1. PDF to book. They provide a template for Adobe InDesign .

2. Bookify. Their online book creator. It’s very basic with almost no customizability. The layouts look good but you can’t change photo sizes, add extra photos or text or move around things. Similar to Apple.screen-shot-2017-05-17-at-23-26-57

3. Bookwright: Their offline downloadable software. Basically the same as Bookify but you can customize everything. Not extremely creative but stylish and elegant.screen-shot-2017-05-17-at-23-27-05



Was quite quick with UPS, about one week, costed £7.99

They always have some kind of a sale on, most of the time you will find 40-50% off. Great value!!!! Go to my deals section for the latest offers!

What it it for:
Great for self publishing, city books, restaurants, cook books, Instagram, Facebook, company portfolios, family photos, some travel books and baby books.

What it is not for:
Not for weddings, unless you want to do a big run and give them away. Not for fashion pics, not the best for nature and very high quality portrait images, you might want silver-halide printing for those and a lay flat option.


  • easy to make
  • elegant templates
  • good paper selection
  • you can make money on your books
  • online-offline editing options
  • good binding


  • no lay flat
  • templates are not very creative
  • not too many sizes
  • colours could be a little bit better
  • no silver-halide printing


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