Saal-Digital Flush Mount Photo Book – Review

About the company:
It’s a German company with a few subsidiaries around Europe. They make high quality real photo books (where real means that they are exposed onto real photo paper and are not digitally pressed). The books come in a  variety of sizes with plenty of options to choose from. These are one of my favourite books, it’s very hard to beat the quality in the same price category.  saal - 11

My Book Other Options
Cover Glossy Hardcover Imagewrap, unpadded Matt Hardcover, Linen (different colours), Leather (different colours), Metallic, Wood look, and all of these come in padded and unpadded
Paper Matt Photo Paper, 1.09mm, 600gsm Glossy Photo Paper, 1.09mm, 600gsm
Printing Silver-Halide no other options (who needs anything else? 🙂
Layflat Yes n/a
Pages/Max Pages 10 36
Size 19x19cm 21×28, 28×19, 28×28, 42×28 (all in cm)
Presentation Box no Yes
Full Price £25


  1. Binding: All the books are lay flat by default. Fantastic binding, seamless, sturdy, well made. No complaints. The book starts on the first page, there is only one black blank page on the back side of the cover, and you can’t choose its colour. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover: This company offers the most cover options I have come across so far. Roughly 16 and all of them come in padded and unpadded. You can swim in a plethora of choices. Linen, leather, wood look, metallic and imagewrap. My book is matt unpadded. Nothing special about it, but it’s high quality, sturdy and well made. You can have your usual text on the spine. There is no company logo on the books, only a tiny barcode on the back cover. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Paper: 2 paper options: glossy and matt. As much as I love the matt (lustre) texture, I have to admit that the glossy paper provides much better contrast and dynamic range, the colours come alive. If you don’t mind the gloss, go for it. If you are in the matt fan club, you won’t be disappointed, the matt paper is just fabulous with its sandy, grainy texture. Beautiful tones on both. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: All books are printed on real photographic paper. This is as good as it gets. I can’s stress enough the difference between digital and photographic printing, the shades and colours melt into each other and you don’t get any dots or digital artefacts. Happy, happy, happy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You need to download it from their website, it only works offline. Choose your products and its attributes. When designing the book you have 4 options. Start from scratch, double page photos, auto layout and the templates. The templates section offers only 6 main categories, which falls short compared to what other companies offer, but even so I was able to create a really good looking book within minutes. Once you go into the templates, the choices are endless, photo filters, backgrounds, clip art, borders, masks etc…


Was quite quick with DHL, only a few days. It came from Germany.

Use the code PhotoBookGuru17 to get £20 pounds off your order. Minimum order is £39.95. Code valid thru 30/10/2017

What it is for:
You can use these books for any occasion.

What it is not for:
Given the thickness of the pages and the low max page count, you couldn’t do any bigger projects in these books, and I wouldn’t use it for low quality images like Instagram, Facebook or cook books etc.. It’s just to too good for that.


  • print quality
  • paper quality
  • price
  • cover options
  • binding


  • less eye-catching templates than the competitors
  • relatively low page count


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