My Social Book [Photo Book] – Review [Facebook/Instagram]

About the company:
It’s a Dutch company specialising in Social Media books. They came up with the amazing idea of turning your Facebook/Instagram life into books with two clicks. The books look great and they can preserve your memories and activity from Facebook in an eye-catching way. It’s not a photo book as such, since you are not using specific photos in them and the purpose is very different too, however, I do think that if you love photo books, you will love these books too! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My Books Other Options
Cover Glossy Softcover, Glossy Hardcover, Matte Hardcover n/a
Paper 90gsm(60#), 130gsm(80#)
Printing Digital
Binding Perfect Bound
Pages/Max Pages min 25 500
Size 10×8 n/a
Full Price (25pages) with softcover/hardcover
£11/£13 (~$15/$18)  paper upgrade option


  1. Binding: All their books are perfect bound and there is no lay flat option at the moment but I don’t even think there is a need for it. These books are not for panoramic double spreads, they are journal type books, so the perfect bound option is perfectly fine.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover:  Three options to choose from: glossy softcover, glossy hardcover and matte hardcover. I prefer the glossy but I know a lot of you love matte. All three are well built and sturdy. Like it! You have 12 designs and 16 colours to choose from and you can have some spine text too. There is a logo on the spine and on the back too that you can’t get rid of. Go for the hardcover if you can, it looks fantastic, especially if you have volumes.
    Softcover – Matte Hardcover – Glossy Hardcover


  3. Paper: Their basic paper is a matte 90gsm (60#) which is very similar to your average home printer stock, but has a nicer coating. It’s okay for text, but it’s not very kind to photos. Their upgrade paper (for a very small charge) is the deluxe silk, which is 130gsm (80#). This is your average digital photo book paper. It makes a big difference, it’s smooth with a subtle sheen and much better dynamics. If you just want your Facebook in a book then the basic paper is great, but if you want a photo book style version then definitely go for the deluxe paper, it’s so worth it!
    Standard – Deluxe
    Standard – Deluxe


  4. Printing: They use digital printers, and I think that’s just about right. Again, these are text books with images, so no need for super expensive chemical exposure methods, it would be a waste of money, especially since Facebook compresses images. I didn’t notice any problems with the print, all looked good! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Software: It’s an online editor, but you can’t edit too much. You have to choose the source, select the interval and the content. You can select what to include and exclude but there is nothing you can change about the layouts, photo sizes, texts or fonts. That’s what makes it automatic. If you had to import all your posts manually, you would never want to do a book like this, it would take weeks. You can choose from a good selection of cover designs. The books start with a matrix of friends/photos/likes, followed by a table of contents, a most liked photo and your feed. On the final two pages you have a mixture of your most liked photos. If you do a book from more than one Facebook profile, each profile’s posts will be colour coded (see below).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Three options: International Mail (2-3 dollars), FedEx tracked and not tracked (10-20 dollars). Mine came with FedEx, they arrived within 2 days! Fab!

Deals: Use the code TPBGURU at checkout to get a 20%OFF

What is it for?
Isn’t it obvious? Facebook and Instagram!

What is it not for?
You can’t really use it for anything else given the creating process.


  • amazing idea
  • very easy and quick
  • nice cover designs and quality
  • good binding
  • amazing 500 max page count


  • only one size
  • space not too well used in the Instagram book
  • would be nice to have full page photos for the most popular ones
  • linen, leather cover options would be welcome


One thought on “My Social Book [Photo Book] – Review [Facebook/Instagram]

  1. I have created 3 of these wonderful books covering my 7 years on Facebook. They are AMAZING !!!! You have to choose the best paper quality and not to many pages ( I have one with 498 pages and I’m not sure the binding will last…250 pages are perfect.
    I’m an avid Facebooker and it’s so interesting to keep all the pictures, all the albums and all the comments along the years!!!


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