Journi [App] Photo Book – Review

About the company:
The company is headquartered in Vienna but they print their books in the alps in Germany. They came up with the great idea of creating photo journals based on travel memories. The book is created automatically from the memories you create while travelling. It is so easy and yet so amazing. Lots of scrapbooking features to use such as maps, weather stickers, flights, passport stamps etc.. The book will highlight the days and places you went to and it will be created chronologically. The other great thing is that you can join a community of travellers, follow their journeys and connect with fellow Journi members. Similar to Instagram, but more interactive and more detailed.

My Books Other Options
Cover Hardcover (Matt) Softcover
Paper 170gsm Matt
Printing Digital
Binding Perfect Bound
Pages/Max Pages min 20 400
Size A4 Landscape A4 Portrait, A5 Landscape, Square (21x21cm)
Full Price (28pages) with hardcover
£40  premium membership upgrade options


  1. Binding: All their books are perfect bound and there is no lay flat option at the moment but they are considering them for the future. The binding is strong and sturdy, looks good, great value.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover:  Two options: softcover and matt hardcover. Mine is a matt hardcover; it’s very smooth and soft. Very subtle sheen, not completely matt, but not shiny at all. On the front you have a big selection of layouts, single image or mosaic and a few fonts. On the spine the same title as on the front and the logo. The back is blank, just the logo in the bottom, which you can’t get removed. The fonts are really elegant and classy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Paper: They use an acid-free 170gsm matt paper. It’s slightly thicker than the average silk books, so that’s a good thing. The texture is very similar to the front cover, it’s matt but again with a very subtle sheen (less shiny than silky stocks, but very similar). It’s a very nice paper for the price, but I wouldn’t mind a premium upgrade option. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: They use digital printers. Colours are vibrant and the pictures are very sharp. The print is a tiny bit darker than it should be, which makes the pictures look a bit more contrasted; it works with some of them, not so much with others. It’s not a big issue, your picture won’t come out dark; it’s just a subtle thing that I noticed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Software (how it works?): Download the app, create a journal and start adding moments. A moment is an entry, which can be just photos, or pictures with text and other extras such as flights, weather, restaurants, food, relaxation etc… Very creative and very funky. LOOOOVVVEEE these features. Digital scrapbooking made easy! When you’re done, select create photo book, pick a size, pick a cover, then you can customise this and that. Select photos for full pages, hide content, shuffle layouts and change fonts. Order your book and done! 

Some of the features are only to premium users or for a small one off fee. Premium membership gives you 20%off books all year round and 1TB space on their server. It costs £9/1 month, £38/6 months and £48/1 year but check current prices, there might be a sale on the membership too.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



They offer FREE delivery!!!! Or tracked for £5. Very fast, DHL. They also gave a £5 voucher to use with your next order.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Deals: Use the code BPGURU15 at checkout to get a 15%OFF. First 100 users until 19th November!!!

What is it for?

What is it not for?
It’s not one of those books where you can edit photos and layouts and create a book from scratch. It’s a journal based book, that should answer it all.


  • amazing idea
  • many sizes
  • very easy and quick
  • nice cover designs and quality
  • good binding
  • amazing 400 max page count
  • connecting with fellow users


  • logo can’t be removed
  • print tiny bit dark
  • only one type of paper


2 thoughts on “Journi [App] Photo Book – Review

  1. I did a month`s Cruise of the Far East during which I kept a journal and took masses of digital photos that I have downloaded on to my PC. I would like to combine the two into a book for my grandchildren but haven`t a clue as to how I should start. I have had a look at your YouTube videos on Shutterfly vs Blurb but not being that computer literate, I find it difficult to get my head around the layouts ie columns of text next to a photo. Is there a really easy step by step guide for someone like me available from one of the Photo Book companies? I am based in the UK.


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