Blurb NEW Lay Flat Photo Book – Review

About the company:
The NEW Blurb Lay Flat books are out now. We were waiting for these books for a long time. I have already reviewed the standard Blurb books, read that review here. In this review I am going to look at the new book and show you how it’s different to the other Blurb books. In a nutshell, the books are great, but I wish they had kept the cover and paper options we got used to in the other books. Lay flat always screams premium, so why have less options? Now you can create books from your smartphone too and don’t forget you can sell your books in their online store!



My Book Other Options
Cover Matt Hardcover Imagewrap
Paper 148gsm Matt (double)
Printing Digital
Binding Lay Flat
Min/Max Pages 20 110 – Lay Flat
Size 18x18cm 20×25, 30×30, 33×28 (cm)
13x13cm* app only
Full Price (20pages)
£40 n/a
Came tightly packed as it should


  1. Binding: The lay flat binding is very good. It is seamless so no hinges or nasty things like that. It stays open and doesn’t bend easily. It’s attached nicely to the main cover, and the book starts right on the first page so there is no empty double spread in the beginning, same on the back.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    opens lay flat
  2. Cover: They normally have three cover options, however, the lay flat books only come wih the Matt Imagewrap Hardcover. I really like this cover, it is soooo smooth, almost the same as the Chatbooks hardcover stock. I like that you can have full page photos on both sides of the cover. Since this is their premium book, it would be nice to have more options here, but it’s not uncommon for companies to make lay flat books simplified. The other Blurb books have three options (Softcover, Matt Hardcover and Dust Jacket). Besides that you can choose from loads of layouts and fonts. There is no logo on the back, just the inside of the back cover that you can have removed for a charge.

    Spine: same text as on the front
    Logo on the inside of the back cover

    Back cover
  3. Paper: This was my only disappointment. I was expecting either something new or at least their current best, the Proline paper stock in this book. Instead, they chose to use a matt text stock, which is not the nicest choice for photography. Since it is double thickness (double spreads stuck together), the 300gsm (148gsmx2) is actually not bad at all, but the quasi uncoated, matt stock is not a winner for me. Again, the standard Blurb books come with 5 paper option!!! Please give us more options or the Pro Line paper at least! Pretty please.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: They use digital printers. Colours are vibrant and the pictures are very sharp. The print is a tiny bit darker than it should be and seems a bit cold in general, but only a tiny bit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Software (how it works?):
You have three options:
1. PDF to book. They provide a template for Adobe InDesign .

2. Bookify. Their online book creator. It’s very basic with almost no customizability. The layouts look good but you can’t change photo sizes, add extra photos or text or move around things. Similar to Apple.

3. You can download their app now and create books from your phone too.




Was a bit slow, almost two weeks, but it came from the US, so can’t complain too much. It costed £7.99

They always have some kind of a sale on, most of the time you will find 30-40-50% off. Great value!!!! Go to my deals section for the latest offers!

What it it for:
Great for self publishing, city books, restaurants, cook books, Instagram, Facebook, company portfolios, family photos, some travel books and baby books. The lay flat is ending some of the limitations the previous layouts posed.

What it is not for:
Not the best for weddings, unless you want to do a big run and give them away. Not for fashion pics, not the best for nature and very high quality portrait images, you might want silver-halide printing for those on photographic paper.


  • easy to make
  • elegant templates
  • lovely cover
  • you can make money on your books
  • online/offline/app editing options
  • great binding


  • only one cover option
  • templates are not very creative
  • only one paper option and not their nicest
  • colours could be a little bit better
  • no silver-halide printing


One thought on “Blurb NEW Lay Flat Photo Book – Review

  1. […] About the company: Blurb Inc. is an American company with several subsidiaries worldwide. Their primary focus is on self-publishing. You can create your own books; cook books, travel books, novels or photo books and sell them on their website marketplace. For this reason the photo book features are relatively basic compared to other big photo book companies. Despite the simplicity, they are great books at amazing prices. To read bout the Blurb Lay Flat books, click here. […]


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