FreePrints [App] Photo Book – Review

About the company:
FreePrints is a British company that started off “selling” free prints, but now they have a subsidiary for photo books too. Their biggest promo is the FREE books. You can get one 7×5″, 20 page, softcover book every month completely free, you only have to pay a small delivery charge of ยฃ5.99. I loved the print quality of the book and the editing options in the app. They are currently available in the following countries:ย US, UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain. Ignore what I said in the video about UK only deliveries…I contacted the company and they clarified this to me.

The photos in this book were taken in Sydney during my recent trip to Australia. To see more travel pics follow me on Instagram: @guy_around_the_world

My Book Other Options
Cover Glossy Softcover
Glossy Hardcover
Paper acid-free silk (approx 150gsm)
Printing Digital
Binding Perfect Bound
Min/Max Pages 20 150
Size 7×5″ 8×6″, 11×8″
Full Price (20pages)
FREE surcharge


  1. Binding: Perfect bound and well bound ๐Ÿ™‚ Very little getting lost in the gutter, sturdy, no creepy glue sound when paging through the book. No lay flat option at this point.ย OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover:ย Nice, smooth, glossy softcover with lots and lots of nice designs for the back and front too. There is a logo and barcode on the back cover. No spine text. Fairly thick. You can opt for a glossy hardcover for a surcharge or with the bigger sizes. The FREE books only comes with the softcover.ย OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Paper:ย Acid-free, smooth, silk paper. Although it’s not stated, it feels around 150GSM in thickness. This is the most standard photo book paper type. It is nice with a subtle sheen. Brilliant white. No upgrade options ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  4. Printing: They use digital printers. Colour reproduction was amazingly good despite being a free book. Saturation, tones and shadows/highlights all good. Happy, happy, happy. Outperformed some other digital books that cost ยฃ15-20.ย OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Software (how it works?):
Download the app to your smartphone. Use camera roll, Facebook or Instagram. Very easy. On the pages you can have text, single images, full bleed images/layouts and layouts with up to 6 photos. Several background options: plain, pattern and themes. You can use masks to create photo shapes. Amazing cover designs. Add ons for a surcharge.



7-9 days for ยฃ5.99 or upgrade to first class for a charge.ย There is a separate app for US, UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain. So you can get the books form these countries.

I don’t think you need a better deal than FREE haha.

What it it for:
Every day purposes, parties, friends, small trips, family, Instagram, Facebook….

What it is not for:
Not for weddings, expensive photoshoot pics or big scale projects.


  • easy to make
  • elegant templates
  • nice cover
  • great print quality
  • FREE!!!!!


  • no paper options
  • limited options within the FREE range
  • no lay flat option


One thought on “FreePrints [App] Photo Book – Review

  1. I have just discovered your youtube videos which in turn sent me to your blog. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I have spent most of my Sunday morning watching them! I’ll have to put them on hold so I can get to church on time, but plan to catch up with more when I return home! Thank you for the comparisons as I find them extremely helpful. I’ve only used Shutterfly services and am looking forward to trying some of the ones you have mentioned on here.


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