ZNO’s Little Black Book – Photo Book Review

About the company:
ZNO is an American company specialising in flush mount books of supreme quality at great prices. They deliver worldwide. Their photo books are more on the photo album side since the editing options are fairly limited. They offer a wide selection of covers, papers and books. One of their iconic products is the Little Black Book. As of today (9/12/2017) you can get your first Little Black Book for FREE (only works in the smartphone app), you only have to pay a small postage fee. Grab it while it’s hot, the promotion might end soon. To read my other review of their lay flat books, click here.

So what is the Little Black Book? It’s a taster version of their high end flush mount books. It is made to the same high standards, using the same printing technology and the same paper/binding, however, it is limited to less sizes, 24 pages and one photo per page. You have some very limited editing options and one paper choice. It is great to print out 24 photos in a quick run when you don’t want to spend on a bigger book or you don’t have the time to edit. If you do quite a few of them, they look great on the shelf. Despite the name, they don’t all need to be black.

My Book Other Options
Cover Matt Hardcover
Paper Lustre Photo
Printing Silver-Halide
Binding Flush Mount (sheet inserted between the pages)
Min/Max Pages 24 24
Size 6×6″ 8×8″
Full Price (24pages)
FREE (first one) afterwards $15
Β $10 for softcover


  1. Binding: My favourite binding in the world is ZNO’s. It looks so elegant and professional. Spot on! The book is flush mount, in fact, all their books are flush mount (except for the press books), even the lay flat ones. The only difference is in the thickness of the pages. A sheet is inserted between the pages to create a seamless lay flat look. There is a little fabric on the spine too (love it).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover: By default the books come with a softcover. You can change the main photo, the spine text and the colour, but that’s it. There is a logo on the back. For $5 you can upgrade for a hardcover, which has a smooth matt finish. Beautiful. Interestingly, the lay flat book I have from them had a mosaic textured hardcover (see below). The book starts right on the back of the front cover, which is not ideal, but I guess they wanted to maximise the space. I like a nice double spread prelude.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    Lay Flat vs Little Black Book cover material
  3. Paper: Beautiful lustre photo paper, very thick. Sadly, there are no other options here. With the other books you get 4 options to choose from, but with the Little Black Books it’s only lustre. It’s not a huge problem, lustre is great, but some people love the gloss, so it would be nice to have one more option. There is a fixed page count of 24, no more and no less.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: These books are printed using a silver-halide method. It’s the very best you can get. Colours are fabulous, tones are smooth and the highlights/shadows are nice too. Gorgeous!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Software (how it works?):
You can create these books in the online editor or on your smartphone. Again, if you want to get the FREE trial, you need to use the smartphone app. It’s very basic. One photo per page, to text, no thrills, just lovely photos. Sadly there is no way to get a double spread photo because of the one photo/page limitation. It’s a bit silly since that’s the whole point of lay flat.



Was a bit longish, 2 weeks and it costed $7. Came from Shanghai with TNT. It was packed tightly and nicely with a lovely note.



As of today 9/12/2017 you can get your first Little Black Book for FREE. I don’t how long the offer is going to be on for.

What it it for:
Anything which doesn’t require text. So no cook books, no travel books and no journal type books. Amazing for weddings, photo shoots, landscapes, portraits and portfolios.

What it is not for:
Not for big projects due to the fixed page count, and not suitable for texty stuff. (texty, you get it lol)


  • FREE first book
  • amazing binding
  • amazing print quality
  • nice paper
  • easy to make
  • nice cover material


  • no paper options
  • no text or editing options
  • no double page spreads
  • book starts on the back of the cover

Website: http://www.zno.com

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