LandscapePro [Photo Editor] – Review and Tutorial + Discount Code

I have been using this great app for a while, so I decided to review it since it can be very handy for editing your pics for your photo books.

LandscapePro is a hybrid between Instagram and Photoshop. It has lots of built-in filters and effects but at the same time it has far more advanced fine tuning abilities than Instagram.

It is most famous for its sky replacement feature, which can be a total disaster and a miracle too. It can basically mask the sky and replace it with any of the hundreds of built-in sky templates, so you can turn a photo taken on a cloudy day into one with rainbows and unicorns. The great thing about this feature is the vast selection of skies but also the atmosphere feature, which allows you to copy the sky’s atmosphere onto the photo making it look extremely realistic. Abusing this feature can become a drawback too, but if you are smart, you will get breathtaking results. If you do something stupid like putting the sun on the left when the building’s left side is in the shadows, well…. don’t expect it to look realistic.

Apart from the sky replacement you can select specific areas of a photo (like buildings, water, sky, trees etc) and apply effects, tuning and filters only to that selection. This will give you amazing results and far more possibilities than applying filters to the whole image.

Despite all these amazing features, it is not quite Photoshop, but the price is only a fraction too, so some features like sharpening, curves, clone, liquify etc are missing. They have two sister apps, PortraitPro and SmartPhotoEditor, which provide the above mentioned features, so getting a bundle of all three will satisfy all your desires.

Sells for Β£59.99, but they often have 50% off sales. I also have a voucher code for you PGB10 will give you an extra 10% off the final total.

Watch the video for a walkthrough and some more chit chat.


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