ZNO Little Timeline Book – Review

About the company:
I blogged about ZNO quite a few times before, but for those of you who are new to them: they produce professional quality photographic flush mount books, but apart from this they also have wall art, decor items and the Little Timeline Book. If you are familiar with Chatbooks, then think of the Little Timeline Book as an identical version of that. If you are new to it: the LTB is hassle free, one click photo book creator. You have to connect to either Facebook or Instagram and the app will pull all your photos with their date, caption and geotag, and organise your photos into volumes of books. Each book has 100 pages and one photo per page. There is almost nothing you can change about the book apart from a few minor adjustments but that’s what makes it so quick and easy to make.


My Book Other Options
Cover Hardcover  Softcover
Paper Silk n/a
Printing Digital n/a
Binding Perfect Bound n/a
Pages/Max Pages 100 100
Size 6×6″ n/a
Presentation Box no n/a
Full Price $15  $10 for softcover


  1. Binding: I always rave about the great binding of ZNO books, the Little Timeline Book is no different. Sturdy, strong, beautifully perfect bound. No lay flat option.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover: By default it comes with a glossy softcover, but for an extra $5 you can upgrade to a nice Hardcover. You can choose the photo for the cover, but the spine text is automatic. No photo on the back, it’s plain white with the company logo.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  3. Paper: Simple, average silk paper (approx 140-170gsm). Not bad, but nothing special. There is no other option. Regarding the page count, you must have 100 pages in each book, no more and no less. Also, one photo per page!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: If you have any other ZNO books (lay flat or LBB) the first thing you’ll notice is the inferior print quality and colour reproduction. These books are printed digitally, which is understandable, you get 100 pages for $10! But for this reason forget about the silver halide ZNO quality. It is not worse than any other digital book though, average printing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Software:
You can do the books either on your phone or in a web browser on your computer. Either way you will need to connect to Facebook or Instagram (one at a time). The app will pull your photos automatically and your book is ready in one click. Obviously, life would be too good if it didn’t come with any drawbacks. You can’t rearrange your photos, can’t edit texts, can’t crop, can’t put more than one photo on a page, can’t use photos from your camera roll etc. The only options you have are: changing the cover photo and excluding photos from the book. Furthermore, you can enable/disable the caption,geotag and date on the pages. You can only order a book once it reaches 100 pages. The spine text will be created automatically since it divides your feed into separate volumes. It is almost identical to Chatbooks!


Shipping is $2, practically free… Came from China, but this time with TNT and only a couple of days.



ZNO offers regular deals but only for the flush mount books, so unfortunately the Little Timeline Book is always full price. But $10 won’t make you bankrupt.

What it is for:
Great for Instagram, Facebook. People who have no time or interest in editing photo books.

What it is not for:
Not for any project that needs editing and options/choices, weddings, big travel books, professional baby shoots. As always, this is just my opinion, you can print any photos you want in these books.


  • very easy to make
  • cheap
  • good binding
  • creates books automatically
  • nice cover


  • no lay flat
  • no editing: no templates or text/background options apart from the geotag and caption
  • no full bleed photos
  • colours/contrast could be a little bit better
  • single size

Website: http://www.zno.com

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