Printastic [App] Photo Book – Review + Discount Code

About the company:
Printastic is a smartphone based photo book creator that allows you to get your photos printed into nice looking books. Apart from letting you select your photos, themes and layouts, they also have a magic book creator and a photo selection algorithm to help you speed up the process. These are commercial range photo books on the cheap/mid-range end of the spectrum, but despite the price, their print quality was top notch and the editing options are lush too.Β 

The photos in this book were taken in Wilpattu National Park during my recent trip to Sri Lanka. To see more travel pics follow me on Instagram: @guy_around_the_world

My Book Other Options
Cover Glossy Hardcover
Matt Hardcover, Softcover
Paper acid-free gloss 200gsm
acid-free satin 170gsm
Printing Digital
Binding Perfect Bound
Min/Max Pages 24 200
Size 8.2×11.8″ 8×8″, 12×11.5″
Full Price (20pages)
Β£33.97 (with upgrades)


  1. Binding: Perfect bound and well bound πŸ™‚ Very little getting lost in the gutter, sturdy, no creepy glue sound when paging through the book. No lay flat option at this point. Happy.Β OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Cover:Β The standard books come with a softcover. If you go for hardcover, it will be matt, and if you upgrade to premium, you’ll get a glossy hardcover. Mine is the glossy hardcover; it’s very nice and very shiny. Good colours and loads of stylish cover templates to choose from. On the front photo + text. Nothing on the spine (boo) and a small barcode on the back but no company logo.Β 27747381_1917314315250312_5807567942075690790_o
  3. Paper:Β The standard books come with an acid-free 170gsm satin option, I assume it’s like a standard silk paper. If you go for the premium, you’ll get a 200gsm gloss option. Mine is the premium. The name is a bit confusing, it’s not the same as a photographic high gloss paper, instead, it’s more like a very shiny silk paper. It is thicker, which is nice, and the upgrade for a 24 page book (for the cover and paper) was only Β£3.99 so it is really worth it! It’s one of the nicest photo papers I have come across in the cheaper, non photographic book range. Max 200 pages.Β 27628569_1917314695250274_8958092662910571447_o27504123_1917314715250272_1971891677134724130_oOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Printing: They use digital printers, but colour reproduction was very good! Saturation, tones and shadows/highlights all good, quite neutral looking. If you go for the glossier paper you’ll obviously get better contrast and tones. Β Happy.27625275_1917314838583593_4150245153136841266_oOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. Software (how it works?):
Download the app to your smartphone. Use camera roll, Facebook, Dropbox or Instagram. Very easy. You have the option to choose from full bleed photos, frames and multi photo layouts. You can add captions and full page texts. There is a decent selection of backgrounds. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of spine text. When you have a 200 page hardcover book, you want to know which one it is when you look onto your shelf.Β 27628733_1917314481916962_4571697798243742159_o


Costed Β£6 for tracked FedEx delivery. It came from the Netherlands in a few days. I only got the book after 2 weeks, but that wasn’t the company’s fault, it was FedEx’s incompetence…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

They offer regular deals, but I have a code for you. Use the code PBGURU25 to get 25% off your order!

What it it for:
Every day purposes, parties, friends, small trips, family, Instagram, Facebook….

What it is not for:
Not for weddings, expensive photoshoot pics or big scale projects (like a trip around the world).


  • easy to make
  • elegant templates
  • nice cover
  • great print quality
  • good papers


  • no lay flat
  • no spine text


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