16265508 1652971711669478 392394019427847613 nHey Guys,

My name’s Stefan Wyatt and I am passionate traveller who just happens to love photography, and there is no better way of preserving your memories than in a great looking photo book. I specialise in travel photo books but sometimes I do the usual family and occasion books too.

I spent so much time trying out different companies, papers, materials, printing technologies, and by now I accumulated a large selection of books and in this blog I want to share all my knowledge with you to help you choose the best book for yourself.

For every photo book review I will also film a video, because photos just can’t reveal it all 🙂

I will keep you updated with promo codes and goodies.

In the travel blog section you will find my crazy travel vlogs, in case you’re interested. I am using the same website and YouTube account for both my photo books and travel vlogs, so don’t be offended by my occasional travel videos 🙂

In addition to reviews I will share lots of tips and techniques. I started a forum for all your questions and stories.

Happy browsing! Thanks, Stefan