Travel Map Creator

Create a stunning, fully customisable map without any design knowledge or tedious long hours in front of your computer. It will fit perfectly any photo book or photo frame without cropping or distortion.

Fill in the Travel Map Order Form and let The Photo Book Guru create a unique map for your trip. Answer 13 questions, make the payment and the map will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Read the instructions below or watch the YouTube Overview video.



  1. Name. This will only be used for your order, it will not be shown on the map
  2. E-mail address. Make sure the address is correct as this will be used to deliver your map.
  3. Size. Please enter your photo book or print size, specify your unit, inches or cm (eg. 4×5″ or 20x29cm). You can also use International paper sizes like A4 or A5. At the moment the maximum size is A3 or 16×12 inches.
  4. Map Style. Choose from one of the five styles below.
  5. List your locations. These are the places visited during this trip. Please enter your locations chronologically, location/city and country. Eg. London, UK or Grand Canyon, USA. You can add a maximum of 10 locations!2location
  6. Travel Path. Choose whether you would like the travel paths to be shown on the map. 3path
  7. Map Title. Give your map a title like “USA Trip” or “80 Days Around the World”.4title
  8. Travel Dates. Enter your travel dates as you want them to be shown on the map. Eg. “April 2017” or “12-19th June 2017”.
  9. Country Flags. Choose whether you would like your visited countries’ flags to be shown.5flag
  10. Travelled Miles. Choose whether you would like your total travelled miles to be shown on the map; this is will be calculated based on your locations. 6miles
  11. Summary Text. Add a short (maximum 1000 characters) summary of your trip if you wish. 7intro
  12. Photo. Add a photo that best describes this trip if you wish. Use the upload button to attach. 8photo
  13. Boarding Pass. Add a unique boarding pass with your names if you wish. Please use the field provided to enter the names to be shown on the boarding pass. 9boarding pass
  14. Clipart. Add small objects or country shaped flags to make the map look funkier. Cliparts are subject to availability. 10 clipartvector sampleOld sample


Choose your payment option. All maps cost £5 GBP and they will have a small “Photo Book Guru” logo in one of the corners. Should you wish to remove the logo, you can do that by selecting the “no logo” option for an extra £1.50 GBP.

If you have problems with the order form or you need more features not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me.


All maps will be emailed within 24 hours, unless otherwise stated on the order forms (eg. on holidays).

Terms and Conditions:

All maps are created to the specifications provided in the order form at 300dpi.
This service in non-refundable.
Should you have any problems with the final product, feel free to get in touch.